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The Problem Solvers

Premier Uniform Designs wants to help you solve your most challenging cocktail uniforms problems. Submit your questions or issues to our, "Ask a Cocktail Uniforms Expert" and we will provide support to help with the design of your next custom cocktail uniform or stock cocktail uniform program.

Our Locations

• California Warehouse/Production
• Las Vegas
• New York Corporate/Warehouse
• Mexico City Production/Warehouse
• China Production
• India Production
• Haiti Production
• Columbia Production

Custom Cocktail Uniforms

At Premier Uniform Designs, our success is based on your employee's image and the reduction of your cocktail uniforms costs. We have designed and deployed thousands of uniform programs annually. Tryst at the Wynn in Las Vegas trusts us to create their unique gold cocktail uniform dress making a lasting impression on their guests. Working with our customers, we design, fit and deploy custom cocktail uniforms that make an impact!

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